So your show is underway, you’ve kicked the tires a bit, worked out some of the kinks and you’re starting to build and audience.

Now it’s time to convert those listeners into subscribers and hopefully paying customers if that is your goal.

(1) Contest – have a contest. You have something of value to exchange for their email and contact information. YOUR TIME for one – think FREE Consultation!  Don’t forget, your guests are also promoting something. Don’t be afraid to ask them to donate something to the cause. Of course you can share the data with them so that they may follow up with the subscribers that listened to that specific episode, or you can do a one off email for them promoting their product or service, or include them in your newsletter (or get them to become a SPONSOR!).

(2) Survey/Poll — people love to give you their opinion. We all know the old adage about what opinions are like! It’s true. Everyone has one. Surveys and polls are a great way to collect data, convert listeners into subscribers and to engage your audience. Rather than just do one survey or poll, consider doing a survey or poll that runs across several episodes to maximize it’s effectiveness and generate the most buzz.

(3) Gift — almost the same as the Contest, but maybe everyone receives a free Ebook download from your or your guest, or a coupon or a special offer. You could even go as far as saying “The First 50 people get ……” — of course you can give away more than that at your discretion, but don’t be afraid to create some urgency to get those subscribers to claim their FREE gift (FREE being one of the most responsive and highly searched words on the Internet).

(4) Exclusive Content – if you’re writing content in addition to your radio show as part of your content strategy consider offering some “Exclusive Subscriber Only Content”.

(5) Private Webinar – you’re already a broadcaster who isn’t afraid to be in front of the microphone, consider to invite your listeners to a PRIVATE WEBINAR for subscribers only, and limited to a specific number.  Webinars are useful when attracting listeners who are interested in your product or service, and highly interested in something specific.

Converting listeners into subscribers doesn’t have to be hard. With a little creativity you can start building a list that not only will assist in building your audience, but build you a direct line to them that is worth tangible results.

Everything above can be added easily to your website, blog, social media, email and more. ALWAYS cross promote your radio events, especially the ones that build your invaluable subscriber base.

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