Blah Blah BlahBefore he got it WRITE Billy Shakespeare had “To BLAH, or Not to BLAH” that is the question.

Everyone struggles with how many words to use to get their point across.  We want to tell the whole compelling story, explain every detail in a convincing manner.  But sometimes “Got Milk” tells it all.

eMarketer just released a study conducted by Finn Partners on behalf of Abila one of the leaders in helping non-profit organizations with their financing issues.  The study brings to light some interesting numbers on what donors respond to in terms of the content organization’s are putting out in hopes increasing their donor based contributions.

The numbers from this study are interesting, not just for non-profits, but for EVERYONE looking to create content that converts readers, listeners and viewers into ACTIONABLE PARTICIPANTS.

The sample of about 1,100 repeat non-profit donors is a pretty good size and can be a little depressing for those of us in the broadcast business as PODCASTS are at the bottom of the list at 31%.  

I don’t have the original survey so I can’t attest to the skew.  However this study has led me to get my team working on a new FREE DOWNLOADABLE EBOOK about RADIO FUNDAMENTALS with a focus on your BROADCAST CLOCK.  

My good friend and one of the most innovative marketers in the Female Nation Michelle Corr and I are launching a new show of our own in a few weeks, so I’m dusting off my HOST A RADIO SHOW gloves, climbing down from the mountain and getting in the dirt with the rest of you guys!

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