Now that the “lights” are turned on and your show is up and running its time to grow your audience and more importantly, turn them in to loyal fans.

There are a variety of free and low cost tools available for you to use to achieve this goal.


Like everything in this world your database is truly the key to your success.

You need to build it not only from your radio or television website, but also from your/ social media and traditional websites.  “Subscribe” is your operative word.

You have valuable information to share, how can you entice them to subscribe.

Maybe you create a PDF with 10 “tidbits” that will make their lives better.  Or maybe it’s a discount code for the purchase of your book or products.  Maybe it’s an invitation to your Online Training Seminar.

One way or the other you need to entice them to give over their data to you!

If you listen to terrestrial radio or watch TV you can get a good idea of how to attract and retain your audience.  Simple words like FREE or EXCLUSIVE will generate more subscribers than just having a “sign up form”.

Don’t ask for too much data, maybe just their name and email address.  Or maybe just their email address.  The faster and easier it is to subscribe the larger your list will become.

Here’s how to work the top four email “Software as a Service” companies.  They are each unique and they all have a “free trial”.

Check them out they can make your life easier in a variety of ways including avoiding the CAN SPAM Act while maintaining a healthy email database.

While you are building your subscriber base it’s important to consider your strategy.  How often do you hit the database?  Is it weekly for your show?  Do you use that database more often to sell your products and services?

Do you accept advertising on your blasts?    Can you leverage the existing lists of your guests?

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