Quuu is a relatively leading Hand Curated content suggestion system for social media.  Essentially Quuu enhances what you’re currently doing in terms of posting valuable and engaging posts across your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn through your Buffer Account (if you don’t have one you can set one up for free here).

Quuu works in two different ways.

  1. Hand curated content for posting to your social media accounts to diversify the content for your audience.  Part of your social media strategy should be to post relative and engaging content that ISN’T always about YOU or your company or your products/services.  QUUU can help you save time and effort by providing these engaging and relative pieces of content for you.  Not only does this help diversify your social content, but it helps to increase likes, retweets, followers, etc.


QuuuHere are the steps:

  1. First you select the relevant categories that matter to you and your audience.
  2. Quuu sends hand curated content from those interest categories to your Buffer.com account.
  3. You can manually edit Quuu suggestions if you have time in Buffer or set them to automatically post throughout the day.

Quuu has two pricing levels:

FREE — Quuu will deliver up to 2 posts per day of hand curated content in up to 5 interest categories (you can earn more posts by referring friends).

$10 per month — Quuu will deliver up to 10 posts per day in unlimited interest categories and provide you with a Quuu Daily Email.

  1. Promote Your Content – Quuu also offers you’re the opportunity to promote your content through their network.  Keep in mind that since you expect high quality, engaging and relevant information from Quuu for your followers, there are standards and human editing/suggestions for the content that you submit for approval.

Quuu curated content currently has 48,000 daily shares, 1,400,000 shares per month, and 17,280,000+ shares annually.  Promoting your content through Quuu can be extremely effective, especially if you have great content.  Pricing for Quuu Promote is straightforward and simple.

Reach 10,000 people $10

Reach 30,000 people $20

Reach 100,000 people $30

Quuu is an excellent enhancer for your social content marketing strategy, and with their FREE package you can’t go wrong for giving them a try.  Again, it takes about 2-3 minutes to get set up.  Have your social media logins handy to setup Buffer (or you can click to login with social media logins).

For more information visit http://quuu.com – they have excellent support and online chat to answer any of your questions.

Let us know what you think of Quuu or other content marketing strategies that are working for you using the comment box below.

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